Where is the english language support?

It is planned. But nevertheless, you are welcome to try out the fuctions melting-link.com allocates. The idea of this project is to provide a secure and easy-to-use platform for non-persistant communication on the internet, inspired by the idea of a forgetful internet. Place a special kind of link anywhere you want (a "mink" = melting link), in blogs, forums, adverts or emails to grant access to information you want to provide, or to offer a new kind of interactive and secure communication channel, that is only available as long as you desire. After a preset time or a manual deletion anything will be gone without a trace. Or are you annoyed by the masses of emails generated when you have got several recipients writing among each other? Why not swap to an easy to establish instant-forum you may create (and adminster) here?

If you want to share confidential information, e.g. with your costomers, melting-link.com is an ideal alternative to the unsecure communication by email. Any information entered here is stored highly encrypted. Once your conversation is over, it can be deleted and will not be accessable to anyone in retrospect. There exist no key-servers, tokens or databases only secured by a single master key - but an innovative database system, that uses an individual, non-determinsitic encryption for every single entry being made, which makes even a stolen database completely worthless for the invader. Not even the system itself or an admin working on it is technically able to access your data.

To cut a long story short, you can use this service to spread information online without losing control over it. The full encryption of any data stored here offers confidence and security for you and your recipients only with one single click and without any additional software. The problem is, that e.g. PGP is secure and should be used for any email containing more than "Hello, how are you?" but in fact most people are detered from the additional effort. melting-link.com offers suitable security and privacy that is just one click away. Any questions, ideas, annotations? Please do not hesitate and contact me per email kontakt (at) melting-link.com or via this mink TFaB7ZYjqL.

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